About Us

What is Schop?

Schop was born out of frustration; frustration with the amount of packaging on everyday groceries, much of which can’t be reused, recycled or composted and so just end up in landfill.

At Schop we provide an easy and convenient way of buying great quality, locally sourced food from Edinburgh based businesses which is packaged sustainably and delivered to you via our carbon-neutral delivery service.

Not only do we want to provide a simple, convenient and sustainable shopping solution, we’re also passionate advocates of the quality, and value, of local grocery shops and the expert service they provide.

We hope you’ll love Schop, and the great locally-supplied food, as much as we do and in doing so help us be part of a more sustainable society.

So if you live in Edinburgh why not check out the great range of food & drink, from Edinburgh based businesses, which we'll deliver straight to your door.

Schop - The Meaning Behind the Name

Schop - An Old Scots word derived from the French word échoppe meaning a market stall or small shop.

The word schop, pronounced 'shop', seems to have been made for us.

As well as being (we hope) easy to remember and perfect in its meaning, it also has a deeper relevance to our ethos.

Our aim at Schop (and whilst we're still young we are beginning to achieve this) is to be an online high street or market place, on which schoppers can virtually visit a whole range of local independent businesses.

Moreover, the word's Auld Alliance connections neatly tie in with Totty's Scotian/Anglo/Franco upbringing, which has allowed her to be equally comfortable in French as English.

With Totty having grown up in France, making weekly visits to the local markets, and Tim growing up in Trinity, which during his childhood had a butcher, baker, fish monger and greengrocer (most of which don't exist any more), we both know how much better the food from small, independent and passionate producers tastes.

Unfortunately, the last two decades has seen a huge decline in the number of small, independent food producers in Edinburgh. Hence why we came up with the idea of Schop; a service which allows people who can't, for whatever reason, visit Edinburgh's independent shops and enjoy superior produce in the process.

In addition, we're also passionate about reducing the environmental impact of grocery shopping, which is why we use as little packaging a possible and, where we do use packaging, we use either reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging wherever we can.

Not only that but we offset the carbon created by our delivery service, by investing in native woodland planting & management in East Lothian, to ensure that our delivery is carbon neutral too.

So with the triple aim of allowing our customers to enjoy better-than-supermarket food & drink, making grocery shopping more sustainable and supporting local, independent businesses we hope that Schop will bring as much joy to schoppers as it does to us!

Our Team

Tim – Plate Spinner/Delivery Driver

Edinburgh born and bred, Tim completed a degree in Zoology from the University of Aberdeen and following that qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. Tim likes simplicity and counts himself very fortunate to enjoy the simple pleasures in life; great food, great drink and great company. This combined with being an eco-warrior at heart inspired the creation of Schop.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys 80s power pop, the great outdoors and running & walking with Otto. The happy side effect of all that is the need to have plenty to eat and drink!

Totty – Head of Numbers & Organising

Totty’s globe-trotting upbringing saw her family settle in the French Alps, where they have run a ski shop (www.polairestar.com) for over two decades. As well as allowing Totty to become totally bilingual, it has also exposed her to the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day running of a business. Following degrees in business from Heriot Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, Totty now works as the Business Manager at Scottish Student Sport. Totty’s eye for detail and understanding of the complicated provides the yin to Tim’s yang.

With Totty’s skiing pedigree it’s no surprise that much of her spare time is spent outdoors and exercising. When not setting the pace at Be Military Fit (where Totty and Tim met) she can often be found out in the Pentland Hills with Otto.

Adele – Marketing & Social Media Guru

Another globe-trotting member of the Schop team, Adele can speak no less that five languages (as well as a variety of computer languages) and has worked in everything from film making to news & analysis publications around the world.

With a keen interest in environmental issues, and experience of communicating them in several languages, Adele's values are very much aligned to Tim & Totty's.

In between studying towards an MSc in Environment, Culture & Society, Adele will be spearhead Schop's marketing strategy and online presence, and help communicate our message to existing and future schoppers alike.

Otto – Barketing Manager

A Wire-Haired Vizsla hailing from Gairloch, Otto loves nothing more (except cheese) than running around and meeting canine and human friends. Endlessly friendly, Otto spends his spare time running & playing and running & playing and running & playing.

Key Players

Tigerchick - Website design and branding

Tigerchick’s contribution can’t be overstated. From coming up with the name Schop to designing and building what we hope you will agree is a fantastic website, Tigerchick has played a key role in getting Schop off the ground.

Not only did Tigerchick get the concept of Schop straight away, but they have also provided valuable technical advice, as well as bags of enthusiasm, throughout the setting-up process. If you’re looking for someone to design and build a website for you it will be well worth contacting Tigerchick Web Design.

Till Britze - Photography

Till's skills and expertise behind the camera have played a key role for Schop. As well as taking what we're sure you'll agree are brilliant photos, Till's ability to bring the character of each shop to Schop is something we really value. If you're in the hunt for a top-quality photographer be sure to contact Till Britze.

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