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Like us, I'm sure that you're all enjoying the gradual return to (relative) normality that the last few weeks have brought. Shops, bars and restaurants are all gradually reopening and people are now managing to get away on holiday and enjoy a much-needed change of scene.

Whilst the food & drink industry hasn't stopped, with the opening of bars & restaurants has come a steadying of supply chains.

As a consequence of that stability we're thrilled to say that Schop is now able to start delivering on Saturday's again!

Whilst at the height of lockdown days of the week all slightly merged into one, as lockdown eases were conscious that weekdays may not suit everyone for deliveries. We therefore hope that by having a weekend option available it will help those with a more constrained timetable.

If, however, weekdays do suit best but you can't always guarantee that you'll be in, we can, of course, leave schopping in a secure location for you - just tell us where in the notes and your schopping will be there for when you get home.

Our other, much more exciting, announcement is that, alongside the excellent Graham Cherrie (if you haven't yet tried his steaks you're missing out!), John Saunderson's Family Butcher is now open again on Schop.

With a huge range to choose from and a keen eye on quality, Saunderson's have, over four generations, forged a reputation (and loyal following) for producing top quality Scottish produce.

Whether it be prime Scotch Beef & Scotch Lamb from the Newton St. Boswells Mart, free-range Specially Selected Pork raised near Hawick or premium barns-fresh chicken, Saunderson's cuts of meat are second-to-none.

Not only will you get to enjoy top quality Scottish craft butchery, but you'll also be supporting independent businesses in Edinburgh & small family farms in the Scottish Borders, and in doing so helping to keep the British food chain strong, healthy and stable.

If that all wasn't enough, you'll also enjoy better-than-supermarket quality meat and be able to ensure that the producer is paid properly for their product too.

So what are you waiting for? With a few clicks of our mouse you could do all your shopping, without having to visit a supermarket, or wear a face mask, and have a hamper load of superior quality produce brought straight to your door.

We think it's a no-brainer (but then we would say that)!

Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you very soon.

With our best wishes,

Tim, Totty & Otto.