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Schop's New And Expanded Range

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Before we go any further, it goes without saying that we at Schop hope you're well, have avoided being directly affected by the Covid-19 virus and are managing to survive (and perhaps even enjoy the quietness of) the current lockdown.

These unusual times have led to huge changes to everyone. For Schop it meant that we suddenly got very busy delivering food & drink right across Edinburgh. Whilst there were a few teething troubles along the way I'm happy to say that we're now into a much smoother rhythm and, we think, an improved quality of service.

Whilst the impact of Covid-19 has been both sudden and seismic, we have been so fortunate to meet and get to know (at a suitable distance) so many fascinating, friendly and kind people along the way, many of who have now become repeat customers who we really enjoy seeing on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Getting to know our customers is something we really enjoy and value. It has also allowed us to hear what new products our Schoppers would like to see on Schop, and in response to that we have massively increased our range of produce, which now includes new independent retailers as well as sustainably packaged and eco-friendly dry goods, larder fillers, household items and even dog food!

The products new to Schop include Levantine flatbreads, Scottish honey, award-winning (and gluten free) Edinburgh brewed beer, Edinburgh distilled gin, award-winning sourdough bread, milk and milk alternatives, sustainably packaged organic Italian pasta and chopped tomatoes, peanut butter, British cordial made from 'waste' fruit, Scottish kombucha, British crisps in compostable packets, sustainably packaged dog food, eco-friendly cleaning products and much more.

Oh, and new season Scottish strawberries!

So if you haven't ordered from Schop in a while, or have struggled to get a delivery slot, things are calming down a bit and now is the perfect time to re-visit us and have a look at our expanded range. Not only that, but you will now be able to have a much more substantial schop delivered to your door, avoid the supermarket (which, as I discovered for the first time in lockdown on Friday, is an awful experience), support local independent businesses (many of whom will need the support to still be there when lockdown is over) and massively reduce the amount of packaging waste you throw away! If that all wasn't enough, we're confident that the better-than-supermarket quality food & drink is reason enough on its own to schop regularly.

If one or more of eating great food, drinking great drink, reducing packaging waste, using a carbon-neutral delivery service, supporting local businesses or avoiding the supermarket & having your shopping delivered are important to you, then Schop is here to help and provide all that with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

With our best wishes,

Tim, Totty & Otto.