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Acacia Comb Honey


Acacia Comb Honey

Acacia Comb Honey

£8.00 200g of comb honey

Mild, sweet honey with gentle floral and vanilla flavours acacia honey is delicious in smoothies, on cereal, when used in cooking and on its one on Bakery Andante or Company Bakery bread.

Produced/source : Poland

Ingredients : Honey

Allergens : May contain traces of spices, nuts, sesame and fruit powders

Storage info : Store in a cool place away from direct sun light

Important information : Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age

Crystallisation : Crystallisation is a naturally occurring process and does not affect the quality, safety of taste of the honey. To bring back to a runny state simply place the jar in warm water (up to 42°C) until the honey melts.

Packaging : Recyclable cardboard box, tissue paper and grease-proof paper