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Scotch Beef Brisket

Locally Sourced Scotch Beef Hand Prepared

Scotch Beef Brisket

Scotch Beef Brisket

Beef brisket which is perfect for slow roasting

£12.00 12.00 per kg

Lead-in time: 40 hours

Scotch Beef Brisket

Taken from the breast of lower chest, brisket is a flavoursome cut of meat which is best slow-cooked, with plenty of basting, to ensure the meat is well tenderised.

The lower chest area supports approximately 60% of a cow's/bullock's (etc.) weight which results in the brisket being a strong muscle which is full of flavour.

Produced/source : Scotland

Serving suggestion : 250g per person

Awards & certifications : Scotch Beef

Storage info : Refrigerate/Freeze

Shelf life : At least two days unfrozen

Packaging : Recyclable plastic bag