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Scotch Beef Steak Pie

Scotch Beef Locally Made

Scotch Beef Steak Pie

Traditional Scotch beef Steak Pie

£6.40 per pie

Light and crispy pastry filled with trimmed and hand-diced tender Scotch Beef shoulder steak these pies are packed with flavour and perfect for a fuss-free hearty meal.

Cook for at least 30 minutes at 175°C (fan oven) or 185°C (non-fan oven) and ensure food is piping hot before eating.

Serving suggestion : Small (feeds 2), Medium (feeds 3), Large (feeds 4)

Awards & Certifications : Scotch Beef

Allergens : Gluten

Storage info : Refrigerate

Shelf life : Use within 2 days. Cook thoroughly before eating.