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Wild mushroom & garlic barley risotto

Vegan Vegetarian Hand Prepared

Wild mushroom & garlic barley risotto

Creamy pearl barley risotto

£6.00 per ready-made meal

This delicious wild mushroom & garlic risotto is a creamy mushroomy delight. The wild mushrooms boast a confident base that is supported brilliantly with undertones of garlic and thyme.

Nutritional yeast not only adds your daily does of B12 but finishes the dish perfectly with a creamy, cheesy, nuttiness. Rather than traditional arborio rice we use pearl barley for this risotto which gives it a firmer texture.

Produced : Edinburgh

Ingredients : Water (40.5%), barley pearl (12.2%), mushrooms brown raw (8.1%), onions (6.1%), almonds (2%), dried mushrooms (1.2%), vegetable stock cube (0.81%), lemon juice (0.81%), flaxseed (0.73%), nutritional yeast flakes with B12 Marigold (0.57%), garlic (0.49%), thyme (0.41%), olive oil (0.15%), black pepper (0.04%).

Allergens : Barley pearl (gluten) , almonds (nuts), celery

Nutritional information : Per portion: 378kcal, 10g fat, 57g carbohydrates, 13g protein.

Shelf life (frozen) : Up to 6 months

Shelf life (defrosted & chilled) : Up to 48 hours

Cooking guidelines : Pierce film and microwave (on full power) for 4 minutes (frozen) or 3 minutes (chilled), pull back film and microwave (on full power) for another 8 minutes (frozen) or 5 minutes (chilled) and leave to stand for 1 min. Ensure food is piping hot throughout.

Serving Suggestion : Serve with side salad of steamed greens.

Packaging : Biodegradable packet (except film)