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Decaffeinated Coffee (whole beans)

Vegan Vegetarian Locally Roasted Decaf

Decaffeinated Coffee (whole beans)

Available in two different pack sizes


An amazing speciality coffee decaffeinated by Swiss Water® - a chemical-free process using mountain water to hydrate and dehydrate the beans in controlled temperature tanks.

This ensures that the coffee retains its rich but delicate flavour whilst also becoming 99.9% caffeine-free.

This de-caf coffee has a soft flavour with notes of marzipan and dark chocolate.

Source : South Minas Gerais, Brazil

Variety : Bourbon & Catuai

Grown at (metres above sea level) : 900m to 1,100m

Process : Pulped natural

Roasted : Expertly roasted in Edinburgh

Storage information : Store at room temperature in a sealed container

Shelf life : Up to 4 months

Packaging : Compostable bag