Graham Cherrie Butcher

Established in 1982, Graham Cherrie Butcher and Poulterer has built up a reputation for both the friendliness of their staff and for supplying high quality butchery.

Graham Cherrie selects his Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb from family-firm John Scott Meat, who in turn source Prime Aberdeen Angus cross cattle from their very own Thirdpart Farm in Ayrshire and the Ayr Livestock Mart, which is owned by family friends of Tim & Totty - Scotland can be small world!

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So whether you're looking for quality Scotch beef, pork, Scotch Lamb, chicken or Graham Cherries' traditional steak pies you're sure to to receive quality craft butchery and, if you'd like to visit the shop in person, service with broad smile!

Whilst Graham Cherrie has superb range of craft Scotch butchery, if what you're looking for isn't here why be sure to visit John Saunderson's schop.