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Coffee No 4 (Whole Beans)

Vegan Vegetarian Locally Roasted

Coffee No 4 (Whole Beans)

Available in two different pack sizes


Sharing the same valley since the early 1900s, the Tozi and Fim Family have been expertly producing coffee for four generations.

Santu had the great pleasure to work with the Tozi and Fim families for over a year when they lived in Brazil, where Santu learned so much from their meticulous processes.

With a medium body, hints of almonds, balanced acidity and a velvet dark chocolate finish coffee No 4 is an easy-drinking daytime coffee.

Farmer : Tozi & Fim families

Source : Caxixe Quente, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Variety : Yellow & Red Catuai

Grown at (metres above sea level) : 900m - 1,100m (late harvest)

Process : Pulped process

Roasted : Expertly roasted in Edinburgh

Storage information : Whole beans - room temperature

Shelf life : 4 months

Packaging : Compostable bag