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Coffee No 3 (Ground) - 1kg

Vegan Vegetarian Locally Roasted

Coffee No 3 (Ground) - 1kg

Available in five different grinds

£27.00 1 kilo of ground coffee

A great conversationist who can find common ground with anyone, Edmar Giori will corner you for hours on his favourite subject; specialty coffee farming.

A well-know member of the coffee community in Brazil, his approach to farming is a yardstick for quality and sustainability.

Coffee No 3 is light and fruity with a gently acidic finish. A delicate coffee that’s as good first thing in the morning as it is at the end of a rich evening meal.

Farmer : Edmar Giori

Source : Sitio Alto Ouro, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Variety : Mundo Novo

Grown at (metres above sea level) : 1,300m (late harvest)

Process : Honey process

Roasted : Expertly roasted in Edinburgh

Storage information : Store at room temperature in a sealed container

Shelf life : Use within 2 weeks

Packaging : Compostable bag