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Cracking Kimchi

Vegan Gluten Free Locally Made Award Winning Dairy Free Unpasteurised

Cracking Kimchi

Award-winning Kimchi

£6.50 220g jar

Confirmed as delicious by many Kimchi experts and the Great Taste Awards panel!

This is not a traditional recipe, although no self-respecting Kimchi is complete without Napa Cabbage (Chinese leaves). It’s allium and fish sauce free. Spicy, but not too hot, and fragrant with spices it is delicious with any Asian dishes, scrambled eggs and sandwiches.

Produced/source : Edinburgh

Ingredients : Napa cabbage, cabbage, carrot, radish, bell pepper, chilli, ginger, Himalayan pink salt, nigella, coriander, cumin.

Storage info : Always keep refrigerated.

Packaging : Recyclable glass jar and metal lid