Lind & Lime Gin

Scottish gin distilled with lime peel & pink peppercorns

£35.00 per 70cl bottle

Using seven botanicals, including juniper, lime and pink peppercorns, Lind & Lime Gin is a well-balanced gin with a delicate flavour and is the very first spirit to be produced by The Port of Leith Distillery.

For those of you with a historical interest, the Edinburgh born Dr James Lind made the significant discovery that by citrus fruits sailors could prevent the onset of scurvy. By the 18th century, the Royal Navy was provisioning their ships with citrus fruit which in turn gave rise to British sailors being known as 'limeys'.

Produced : Leith

Alcohol By Volume : 44%

Storage info (unopened) : Refrigerated or at room temperature

Storage info (opened) : Refrigerated or at room temperature

Packaging : Recyclable glass bottle