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Reserve Tawny Port

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Reserve Tawny Port

Oak barrel matured Port

£17.00 per 75cl bottle

Like all ports, Tawny Port starts life as red wine with picked and fermented with yeast. However, before all the sugars in the grapes have been fermented grape spirit is added which raises the alcohol level which kills the yeast. The result is that the remaining sugars create a sweeter wine which is 'fortified' by the higher ABV.

The Port of Leith Distillery's Tawny Port of made from a blend of wines which are matured (for seven years on average) in oak barrels. This allows the wine to be gradually exposed to oxygen, which gives the wine a tawny, or golden brown, colour and allows nutty flavours to develop.

The Port of Leith Distillery's Tawny Port is best served at room temperature or chilled with cheese. This port is particularly good with rich cheeses such as the Strathearn or Lanark Blue.

Produced/source : Douro Valley, Portugal

Alcohol By Volume : 19%

Serving suggestion : Room temperature or slightly chilled with cheese

Storage info (unopened) : Room temperature and out of direct sunlight

Storage info (opened) : Room temperature either in the bottle or in a decanter

Packaging : Recyclable glass bottle