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Schop - The Meaning Behind the Name

Schop - An Old Scots word derived from the French word échoppe meaning a market stall or small shop.

The word schop, pronounced 'shop', seems to have been made for us.

As well as being (we hope) easy to remember and perfect in its meaning, it also has a deeper relevance to our ethos.

Our aim at Schop (and whilst we're still young we are beginning to achieve this) is to be an online high street or market place, on which schoppers can virtually visit a whole range of local independent businesses.

Moreover, the word's Auld Alliance connections neatly tie in with Totty's Scotian/Anglo/Franco upbringing, which has allowed her to be equally comfortable in French as English.

With Totty having grown up in France, making weekly visits to the local markets, and Tim growing up in Trinity, which during his childhood had a butcher, baker, fish monger and greengrocer (most of which don't exist any more), we both know how much better the food from small, independent and passionate producers tastes.

Unfortunately, the last two decades has seen a huge decline in the number of small, independent food producers in Edinburgh. Hence why we came up with the idea of Schop; a service which allows people who can't, for whatever reason, visit Edinburgh's independent shops and enjoy superior produce in the process.

In addition, we're also passionate about reducing the environmental impact of grocery shopping, which is why we use as little packaging a possible and, where we do use packaging, we use either reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging wherever we can.

Not only that but we offset the carbon created by our delivery service, by investing in native woodland planting & management in East Lothian, to ensure that our delivery is carbon neutral too.

So with the triple aim of allowing our customers to enjoy better-than-supermarket food & drink, making grocery shopping more sustainable and supporting local, independent businesses we hope that Schop will bring as much joy to schoppers as it does to us!

Our Story

Welcome to Schop an easy, convenient and eco-friendly alternative to a supermarket shop.

On you can visit a range of independent shops who expertly select and prepare great quality food and drink. You just tell us what you want, when you want it and where you want your schop delivered.

Not only that, all the food and drink will be packaged in reusable, compostable or recyclable packaging, and our delivery service is carbon-neutral!

Your Community

Schop works in partnership with a great selection of independent retailers, right across Edinburgh, to be able to provide you with a huge range of great quality food and drink.

On you’ll be able to visit a plethora of independent shops from the comfort of your chair and without having to worry about parking or carrying heavy shopping as we deal with that for you.

We hope that the convenience of Schop’s service will result in more people using their local shops more regularly, both online and in person, and introduce people to new shops. In doing so we hope local economies and high streets will benefit.

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