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Teriyaki tempeh with quinoa

Vegan Vegetarian Locally Made Hand Prepared

Teriyaki tempeh with quinoa

Japanese inspired meal

£6.00 per ready-made meal

If you’re missing meat then this dish will cure that craving. Our teriyaki marinated tempeh is something to get your teeth suck into. This Asian inspired dish will tickle your tastebuds as well providing your protein boost for the day.

Produced : Edinburgh

Ingredients : Tempeh (19%), quinoa (14.2%), red onions (8.7%), mangetout (7.1%), mushrooms brown raw (7.1%), soy sauce (3.4%), water (2.4%) maple syrup (1.9%) spring onions (1%), olive oil (0.6%), sesame seeds (0.52%), sesame oil (0.19%), cedar vinegar (0.18%), cornstarch (0.12%), Tabasco Original Red Pepper Hot Sauce (57ml, 0.12%) [distilled vinegar red pepper (19%), salt], garlic (0.08%).

Allergens : Soya, sesame, soy sauce

Nutritional information : Per portion: 407kcal, 21g fat, 34g carbohydrates, 31g protein.

Shelf life (frozen) : Up to 6 months

Shelf life (defrosted & chilled) : Up to 48 hours

Cooking guidelines : Pierce film and microwave (on full power) for 4 minutes (frozen) or 3 minutes (chilled), pull back film and microwave (on full power) for another 8 minutes (frozen) or 5 minutes (chilled) and leave to stand for 1 min. Increase cooking time by 2 minutes for double portion. Ensure food is piping hot throughout.

Serving Suggestion : Enjoy as is or serve with some green leaves.

Packaging : Biodegradable packet (except film)