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Thai noodle stir fry

Vegan Vegetarian Gluten Free Locally Made Hand Prepared

Thai noodle stir fry

Thai noodle stir fry

Gluten free Thai noodles

£6.00 per ready-made meal

Thai noodle stir fry

Rice noodles are the perfect gluten free, egg free alternative to your typical noodley experience.

Partnered with beansprouts and red peppers this dish is full of goodness. Crispy sesame pan fried tofu and peanut thai style sauce adds a boost of protein to this dish and a truck load of flavour!

Produced : Edinburgh

Ingredients : Tofu raw firm (29.7%), red peppers (20.5%), beansprouts (19.9%), rice noodles (19.2%), orange juice (6.4%), soy sauce (4.6%), agave syrup (4%), peanut butter (3.2%), lime juice (2.9%), jalapeños (2.2%), Springfields onions (1.9%), sesame oil (1%), water (0.96%), coriander (0.64%), garlic (0.58%), cayenne pepper (0.12%).

Allergens : Soya, sulphites, soy sauce, peanuts, sesame.

Nutritional information : Per portion: 543kcal, 219g fat, 52g carbohydrates, 29g protein.

Shelf life (frozen) : Up to 6 months

Shelf life (defrosted & chilled) : Up to 48 hours

Cooking guidelines : Pierce film and microwave (on full power) for 4 minutes (frozen) or 3 minutes (chilled), pull back film and microwave (on full power) for another 8 minutes (frozen) or 5 minutes (chilled) and leave to stand for 1 min. Ensure food is piping hot throughout.

Serving suggestion : Enjoy as is or serve with some green leaves.

Packaging : Biodegradable packet (except film)