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Flying Colours Pale Ale

Vegan Gluten Free Locally Made Alcohol Free

Flying Colours Pale Ale

Alcohol free pale ale

£2.00 per 330ml can

Following the success of Yardarm Lager, Jump Ship Brewing decided to expand their range with the inclusion of Flying Colours Pale Ale.

A full flavoured pale ale, with a refreshing hint of lime, which you'll be able to drink all night long without ending up three sheets to the wind!

Style : PAle Ale

Alcohol By Volume : 0.5% (alcohol free)

Ingredients : Water, barley malt, maltodextrin, hops, yeast, lime

Allergens : Malted barley (low-gluten to make certified gluten-free beer)

Awards & Certifications : Alcohol free, gluten free and vegan

Storage info (unopened) : In a cool dark place

Shelf Life : See can

Packaging : Recyclable aluminium can